Our Beach

The beach at Sandcastles...

          where your toes meet our sand

From the doorstep of Sandcastles Beach House it is a 3 minute walk to one of Prince Edward Island's most beautiful beaches. Once there, you can head in either direction for literally hours as you relax and rejuvenate on PEI's famous north shore chain of beaches.
 Explore our nearby beach caves and stunning rock formations that nature has created, marking the end of our beach and the beginning of the next.
Stand atop a giant sand dune and admire the breathtaking view of the beach on one side and our Beach House on the other.

If you are thinking of entertaining children, then the beach is the perfect vacation spot. All you need is a pail and shovel and they will take care of the rest, smiles and all! And by the way, we provide the pails and shovels!